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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Photography challenge

These 2 photos are photos that I took as part of a photography challenge. The one on the left is titled"hats"( my hubby's old & new hat) & the one on the right is "beginnings"(it is the beginning of making plans for our campers)
There is a theme for each week of the year. I actually end up taking more than 1 photo
so I can scrap them (what else!!) & make a challenge album. Well at least I will keep up with the photos and I don't know about the scrapbooking-I'll add it to the list! LOL! The next photo is titled "sweet" & I've taken a photo but haven't downloaded it yet. You are welcome to join in on the fun & have your own challenge. Happy snapping!

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  1. Hi welcome to blogging. i too enjoy the odd scrapbooking session with my sisters and have just taken up painting. Please feel free to view my blog and sign on as a follower too. would love to see some of your photography- i collect photos to use as inspiration for my paintings. cheers from caroline