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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Back Home Again!

We've been home for a few weeks now & haven't quite settled back in. I can see how people get itchy feet for travelling. It's nice to come home though. I printed out a few photos but still have dozens that I only downloaded. I'll scrapbook some of them but not the lot as it would take forever! We saw & experienced so many new things & met lots of wonderful people. I completed about 7 layouts & a set of cards while we were travelling. Talk about scrapping out of a bag!! It paid to be organised beforehand.I thought it was a bit unfair that David got to have a whole boat with accessories while I was confined to a trolley bag & a few bits & pieces shoved in wherever I could find a spot! It was a challenge though. Now I can spread out & take up as much room as I like.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Experience the New

On our trip we have tried to experience something new every day. Whether it is something we see, or do or taste or someone new that we meet. It hasn't been too difficult doing this & we have found lots of things we have learnt. This photo is the lighthouse out from Bowen in Queensland. Its the first time I went out in the ocean in our 4m tinnie-luckily the area is buffered by the reef & it doesn't get too choppy otherwise I would be getting sea sick! The area out in the water is inspirational as you can see coral & seaturtles & dugongs. I took some good photos & have scrapbooking ideas in my head already. Its time to sketch them down before I forget them. I've been checking out websites for some new techniques & ideas to try on my layouts-getting out of that comfort zone again & having a play! My hubby David has gone fishing so I am hoping to spend best part of the day scrapping in peace with no interruptions.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Scrapbooking while Travelling

Since we have been on the road I've only done a few pages of scrapbooking. I worked out that you need to be quite organised & prepare before you leave home. I used a "work in progress" folder" in which I put supplies for each page. First I chose the photos I wanted to scrap, then the paper & embellishments to go with them. I sometimes have an idea in mind & will draw a quick sketch to remember that idea. It also helps me to know what I need to put in my mini kit & what other supplies I might need. eg. inks, premade Cricut shapes etc. I managed to fit what I needed into a craft trolley bag & a shoulder bag-even though they were very full & wieghed a ton! Along the way I found I needed a couple of extra supplies so I would make the layout as much as I could & then waited until we came across a scrapbook shop. Before we reached the next town I would Google where the scrapbook shops were so we could stop there. Its good to see the different variety of products that are out there. Its like being a kid in a lolly shop! My tool kit was quite basic with a cutter, adhesives & a couple of fancy edge scissors. I also had a folder with unmounted stamps, inkpads & ink. Admittedly I have bought paper that I didn't really need but thought they would go nicely with some of the photos I have taken but haven't printed yet.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Here We Go!!

Hi everyone, I've been madly taking photos of our trip-all with how to scrapbook them in mind! I've actually refrained from screaming "STOP HERE NOW" in my husbands ear as we drive along when I have seen something good to photograph. He repays me by stopping at all & any scrapbook shop we pass & he doesn't complain about how long I take.....He even talks scrapbooking talk with the shop people!! Mind you I then have to trade that off with visits to the fishing tackle shops! I guess what goes around, comes around. Then I get to take some good photo shots which I can then scrapbook which means I have to visit a shop for supplies. Ah the circle of life! I was up early & went to the beach to take sunrise photos across the surf. It was worth giving up my sleep-in. The weather is beautiful & the day should be wonderful.