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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gift Card Box

This gift card box makes a great gift for someone or you can just keep it for yourself and have a supply of gift cards on hand. They can be themed or blank general cards. I mix & match the colours & papers & embellishments so each design is different but still look good together. 2 sheets plain cardstock makes 8 cards at 20x10cm each. Another piece of plain cardstock is used for the matting & I use 2 sheets patterned paper for the top layer. Embellishments & stamping decorate each card.

 Start off by painting a small square box-this one is a 12cm square paper mache box. Two layers of paint give good coverage. You can ink or spray ink the box if perferred. The top of the box is decorated with paper & embellishments. A ribbon can be adhered around the rim of the lid &/or the box.
 The cards are made in a production line manner. Cut all the cards, then the mats then the top layer.
 Double sided tape works well & I tape all the pieces first.
 All the embellishments are assembled & any stamping is done. Then I tape the mat pieces on followed by embellishments. Sentiments can be stamped inside the cards if you wish.
 Any themes can be made or even a box of different occasion cards can be assembled.
These take a little time to make but they are lots of fun to do. You could also make up a mixed box by using up some of the scrap paper stash.

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