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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sticking Eyes On Rocks

Well its Tuesday & I still haven't scrapped anything-we've just been too busy & taking lots of photos that I can scrap later. We are in Alice Springs this morning but are heading north a bit later on. We went out to Uluru (Ayers Rock) for a day & stayed at a nearby resort. I didn't realise that the rock was 500km or so from Alice Springs. It took us about 6 hours drive to get there. The scenery is nice but very repetitive on the long roads. We pack our coffee & food so we don't have to stop too often. There has been some rain here so in places the wildflowers are out early. I don't mind the red dirt but the red mud leaves a lot to be desired! Uluru is amazing-it is just so huge. we didn't walk over it as the walks were closed( I don't think we would have walked them anyway. I think the coming down would be a bit scary but I could handle the walk up) There are so many people who go there and at sunset there is an area you can park to take photos of the changing colours of the rock as the sun goes down. It cost us $25 each for a 3 day pass just to see it up close. Some parts are just a bit too touristy. We haven't seen any wild animals just some that are in enclosures at caravan parks & roadhouses. Our next plan is to head back up to Tennant Creek to pick up the boat & then make our way up to Darwin, stopping when something looks interesting.

Anyway its time to go. Bye for now.

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