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Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Layout Challenge For You

This is a blind challenge for everyone. It is where you have the supply list & the instructions but no layout to copy from so it is left up to your interpretation & imagination. I haven't done this yet so I can't even show you how mine has turned out...yet. I found this in an old craft magazine so here are the details. Read all the way through first before starting the layout then go step by step.
PHOTO: 5in x 7in landscape or a series of smaller photos to make up that size.
SUPPLIES: 1x cardstock, 2x coordinating pattern papers, 2x scraps patterned paper(12in long by 4in wide), 2 photo corners-bought or self made, 3 buttons, 1 large embellishment of choice, 1 alpha for one-word title, small alpha or pen for journalling, ink, sandpaper, all basic tools & adhesives.
1)On your base cardstock, doodle/stamp/use rub ons along the edge to create a border.
2)Take one of the pieces of scrap patterned paper, trim it to 11in & tear along the base so it measures about 2 1/2in x 11in. Ink the edges.
3)Adhere this piece towards the bottom of the cardstock.
4)Take one of the full sheets of patterned paper, measure across to the right about 9in & tear down. Next,measure down on the left about 8in & tear across.
5)This piece should measure about 9in x 8in with the left side & top straight-edged and the right side & bottom torn.
6)Adhere this piece so that it sits on top, slightly overlapping the first strip.
7)Create an edge to your pphotos by either sanding or inking the edges or both.
8)Take the second sheet of 12x12 patterned paper & matt your photos on it.
9)Ink the edges and adhere on top of the patterned paper & layer with the 2 torn edges.
10)Take the last scrap patterned piece, cut a 1in x 11in strip and a 1/2in x 11in strip.
11)Ink the edges and adhere the 1/2in strip on top of the 1in strip.
12)Next, adhere this strip so it overlaps the 9in x 8in piece and sits below your pphotos but above the torn edge. Ink all the edges.
13)Adhere your two photo corners to any of the other photo corners.
14)Adhere the buttons to the 1in strip.
15)Adhere the large embellishment to the bottom right of the photo.
16)Place a one-word title at the top or bottom of the photo, making sure is overlaps a little of the photo.
17)Journal on the right side of the page, near the photo/s.
HAPPY SCRAPPING & let me know how you went with this challenge.

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