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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Here We Go!!

Hi everyone, I've been madly taking photos of our trip-all with how to scrapbook them in mind! I've actually refrained from screaming "STOP HERE NOW" in my husbands ear as we drive along when I have seen something good to photograph. He repays me by stopping at all & any scrapbook shop we pass & he doesn't complain about how long I take.....He even talks scrapbooking talk with the shop people!! Mind you I then have to trade that off with visits to the fishing tackle shops! I guess what goes around, comes around. Then I get to take some good photo shots which I can then scrapbook which means I have to visit a shop for supplies. Ah the circle of life! I was up early & went to the beach to take sunrise photos across the surf. It was worth giving up my sleep-in. The weather is beautiful & the day should be wonderful.

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