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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Experience the New

On our trip we have tried to experience something new every day. Whether it is something we see, or do or taste or someone new that we meet. It hasn't been too difficult doing this & we have found lots of things we have learnt. This photo is the lighthouse out from Bowen in Queensland. Its the first time I went out in the ocean in our 4m tinnie-luckily the area is buffered by the reef & it doesn't get too choppy otherwise I would be getting sea sick! The area out in the water is inspirational as you can see coral & seaturtles & dugongs. I took some good photos & have scrapbooking ideas in my head already. Its time to sketch them down before I forget them. I've been checking out websites for some new techniques & ideas to try on my layouts-getting out of that comfort zone again & having a play! My hubby David has gone fishing so I am hoping to spend best part of the day scrapping in peace with no interruptions.

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  1. Hi Susan (and David) although he would not like to be included in the bloggy thing.

    I'm not sure if I have done it right, but we shall see if you get this. How wonderful about the photos of the dugongs and turtles. i hope that they come out. I have not had a really good look at all that you have written (only the most recent one). Look forward to seeing you when you come home.